Friday, September 13, 2013

It is easy to say these murderers were cleared when the District Attorney is a mafia kingpin protecting them. Anything else is a JAMBOIS LIE. Even Peter Barca remembers all the money jambois and his wife was passing arround. Barca owes Jambois too. It is a mafia. these officer were executioners as the court clamed. the court records proved jambois lied , with held evidence and altered evidence to protect these murderers. This is more arrogance of carrier criminal and extortionist Robert the perv Jambois his mob name. rember Barca has hire jambois the perv. The officers who killed Bell not only were cleared, they also received a dedicated service award for their handling of the incident from the Wisconsin Professional Police Association. The Kenosha County district attorney at the time, Robert Jambois, said they acted with "courage and distinction." One of the officers involved killed himself six years later, in 2010. His wife told the medical examiner they were having marital problems and he had been stressed in the aftermath of the shooting. jambois lied falsified evidence and enter false evidence to protect four gangland executioners in his mafia. Jambois is a life long mob member. he is as dishonest as you get. the civil court made jambois look like the village idiot. The most dishonest attorney in Wisconsin history. Petiphile Robert jambois. these EXECTIONERS were cleared because of CRIMINAL ACTS BY ROBERT JAMBOIS.